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Destiny Hurst M-HYI 500

Owner Strive Fitness LLC/Haven Yoga

Owner of StriveFitness, LLC./ Haven Yoga,  ACE CPT, M-HYI 500,  HY Touch 

I aspire to empower and encourage others, in their journey, for a lifestyle change to better health & vitality, is a passion of mine.  I am a visionary; love to dream big regardless of the obstacles!  Having the experience as a Certified Personal Trainer/Coach and Master Holy Yoga Teacher, allows the opportunity to be a part of many incredible stories, which have all richly blessed me.   My approach in coaching is a whole approach  ~ body, mind, and soul for wellness, taking a step by step process promotes lasting changes and healing.

I seek to train & teach individuals in one on one sessions,  in semi-private personal training, Yoga &  accountability groups.  I believe in integrative training and not all fits one size.  Class styles and types of sessions I teach/train are:  yoga for the athlete, Holy Yoga restore for the body and mind with Breath work, Holy Yoga Touch Massage techniques and meditation focus to connect with Christ.   TRX suspension, Strength training, HIIT Interval training, and Myofascial Techniques with tools.

A bigger part of my testimony is CHRIST is enough for me.  I have put my dreams, and weaknesses in His hands along with trusting and surrendering over my fears, doubts, hurts, and testing thoughts. This has created a GOD confidence that I never knew I had until I finally quit wrestling over my own lack of confidence and took action in my prayer life. This led me to a life of freedom, healing, joy and better health!! I have struggled with health conditions, past addictions, and sabotaging thoughts that I allowed to rule my physical and mental and spiritual health for far too long!

 I found that not only did I suffer; but that many women face these same struggles!  The past struggles have made me a  stronger woman and I realize are all a part of Christ’s bigger plan for me to go out inspire others, build others up, by encouraging, teaching, sharing healing-spreading salt & light.  "Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story- those HE redeemed from the hand of the foe" Psalm 107:2

Haven Yoga -- Has been a beautiful place that I get to be a part of A place for community, growth, release, healing, laughter& play. I love to see what God is doing here!

Lauren Parks R-HYI 225

Yoga Teacher

Lauren’s first yoga class was in 2007 where she quickly learned the life changing benefits of stillness in body and mind. Several of her friends were in yoga teacher training at the time and she dreamed of joining them, maybe even teaching her own classes someday. However, a consistent practice did not continue for her, as self care was not much of a priority until she became a mother in 2013.

Lauren began using prayer and meditation during her at home workouts and the Lord showed her that taking care of your physical body is glorifying to HIM! She was also encouraged to begin running with friends and noticed that it also had a deep spiritual connection as well.

In 2016 a friend invited her to a class at Haven Yoga and she recognized what a grace-filled, judgment-free home she had found; a place where every student was reminded what a beautiful and purposeful creation they are. Lauren has loved learning about the mind, body, spirit connection- which led her to the Holy Yoga 200 hour teacher training that she will have completed May 2019! Join Lauren for her Gentle Flow class on Monday nights!

Naomi Miller-R-HYI 225

Yoga Teacher

Naomi first discovered yoga through her friendship with Destiny. She was amazed at how much more enjoyable exercise and movement could be with others in the same boat. She especially loved the connection with God that could occur through movement.

  She became passionate about health and wellness in college while living on her own. Movement became a source of stress relief and community building. Later on, as chronic health issues made intense workouts impossible to maintain, she found relief in yoga and has been practicing yoga ever since. She has found that no matter the level of pain or dysfunction in the body, some form of yoga is always available, and always beneficial.

Naomi has been a RYT-225, for almost 4 years, is certified with Yoga Alliance and has been teaching classes and deepening her knowledge of the body through various workshops centered on anatomy, breath and pilates.

She believes every body, every age and every level of function can benefit from yoga. Not only can it provide a strong foundation for daily movement and building strength, it also provides a space for mental, emotional and spiritual grounding.

The community of yoga is important to Naomi. She desires for each person who comes to class to be successful in the movement, to enjoy the community and to create space to meet with God. She fully believes that “in Him we live and move and have our being” and that we are called to ‘love God with our hearts, minds, souls strength.”

Marcie DiPardo

Yoga Teacher- Yoga Fit

Marcie is a Haven Yogi and has been a student of yoga for over 12 yrs..... 
Marcie says: " love the sense of community that Yoga gives us. Its a place I can reflect and think.  I enjoy adding strength or a taste of cardio in a Yoga class- the best of both !  Join Marcie for her Yoga Fusion Classes- Wed. 5:30am!

Patti Cole 200 RYT

Yoga Teacher

Yep, I came out of my mother’s womb running! For as long as I can remember, I have been very active. Trying new things has always intrigued me. Athletics came easy for me. I considered it a gift from the Lord.
While I was raising my children, my main “work out” was running four miles - 5 days a week. It worked for my schedule. I ran for 33 years. Then I gave it up and discovered Yoga.
The practice of Yoga has taught me many things……the biggest was to “pause” and slow down. I still like to go 90 miles an hour but I take more time to “pause” and “linger”.
I consider Yoga a healing form of exercise.
Our body is God’s temple and we should take care of it so we are always ready to serve the Lord.
Teaching others about Yoga excites me. I want others to experience the joy I receive from doing Yoga, as well as encourage others to seek out the Lord daily in their life.
The Lord tells us in His Word that He has come to save us and to give us LIFE TO THE FULL. Let us purpose to find the fullness of joy that is available to us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Becky Carbonell

Becky Carbonell, BSN, RN, RYT-200, C-HYI Chair/Senior

Becky is a registered nurse who has a passion for helping people experience healing and wholeness.  She began practicing yoga in 1996 and fell in love with the physical and mental health benefits of the practice.  In 2018 she began to notice that God was meeting her on the mat and gently drawing her into a deeper relationship as she surrendered to His mercy and loving-kindness.  Becky completed a traditional yoga teacher training program in 2020, and began looking for a studio where she could practice yoga and spend time with God and others in a safe and sacred space.  That is what she found at Haven Yoga.  Becky has also been experiencing the wonderful calming benefits of listening to guided Christian meditation in the form of Lectio Divina (Bible readings) and wants to incorporate this into the yoga classes that she teaches.  Becky has a desire to see people with physical limitations enjoy the benefits of yoga, so she completed a specialty training certificate in Chair Yoga through Holy Yoga Global in 2021.   Becky grew up in a missionary family and studied religion/philosophy for her first bachelor’s degree.  She has found that a Christian yoga practice is a great way to spend time with God, strengthen the spirit/mind/body, and practice peace.  When she is not on the mat, she is going for walks/runs, practing pilates, and spending time with her husband Rod and daughter Eva.


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