Ready to take your life back?

Throughout my journey in life I have found in some of life's big changes or challenges I might have lost my connections with myself, God and relationships, even lost my health! Life events like these:  loss, marriage, baby, divorce, adoption, miscarriage, empty nester, new career, moving, cancer, injury, whatever the season you find yourself in I believe there is hope. Hope is what we have to anchor to. 

Through some of my health crisis, experiments, testimonies, training & education &  people who have helped me a long the way - brings me to want to help others and give others hope, hope for their health & wellbeing, hope for their connection with God, hope for a way to get back to things all health & wellness or even if this is a new concept for you... 

If I can't personally assist you beyond my expertise, I love connecting others with whom can assist! 

Below are seasons: Either where I have been, what worked for me in different diagnosis, and or where I am now and  connecting you with education or resources to help you- make the best choice for you! 

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
– Hippocrates


Gut Health

My gut was angry. My gut was telling me a story. I finally listened. After my skin started showing signs of stress only then did I start to investigate why all of this cystic acne? Why the panic attacks? The anxiety? this painful place- created a shameful face. Redemption story coming! But a little about your gut brain-- yes you have 3 functional brains...

Food Is medicine

taking a holistic approach over 8 years ago I battled food sensitivities, and with the help of a few integrative medicine doctors I learned what didn't agree and what agreed.. fast forward to 2021 and I learned so much from this little epigenetics test called Cell Well Being. You can take yours Here

The Juicy life

Celery Juice is Amazing! I am learning all about the power & transformation of juicing. I am so thankful God gives us a resources that have made a difference in my health and many I know.

Self Compassion-- 
One of Jesus commands is" Love your neighbor as you love yourself" Mark 12:31

I listened in on a radio talk once, and the question was would you talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself? That was a wake up call, I believe not only for me but for so many.  What would happen if you spoke kindly to yourself in the way you speak to your friend? Better Yet letting God affirm you.?  Click below for a few compassion exercises

From the Heart to the Head Brain

Fasciantating what Science shares about our heart brain messaging and the power of the input we receive! We learned so much last week at Abba Wholness and practiced breath techniques to support HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Join us this week for a Restorative Session or the Following Wednesday to learn more about the Heart and Head Brain and the Cohearant Heart! Message Here for Details: