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FREE 20 minute Discovery Call! 
Let's discover your needs, and options that are custom to YOU!


Ready to take your life back?

  • Learn about  how holistic nutrition supports a healthy lifestyle

  • Build confidence to prepare meals, meal prep, and custom to your needs. 

  • Health & wellness - education workshops and home visits!

  • Breath coaching sessions- Private, small group, corporate

  • Essentially oily sessions

  •  Therapeutic touch, assisted stretching & myofascial Release

Coaching Sessions Customized for YOU!

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
– Hippocrates

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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Coaching

 To learn more about a holistic nutrition journey, custom meal plans,  meal prep, and herbal education & contact me.

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Therapeutic Touch w/Essential Oil Therapy.

 Offering customized solutions for the body's protocol that includes touch therapy and assisted stretch techniques-Essential Oil Application w/heated towels. Learn more or contact for private or shared appointment.


Breathe Sessions

Breath Coaching/private/community

The breath is a tool and gift God has given us! Guiding you as your breath coach & lifetime student of the Breath! Equipping individually & in community.

  •  Learn how the specific breath techniques slow the pace for a lower Heart Rate Variability,

  • Enhance the Immune system, release toxins, and heal the body. 

  •  Learn guided breath techniques that will equip and guide you into a balanced state and transformation!

  • Learn how stress can wreak havoc on the systems but the power of the Vagus nerve and taking action can create change!!

For Private/Shared Or Class Sessions


Private- Personal Training/Coaching

One on One

  • Need accountability?

  • Support on setting goals?

  • Creating healthy habits? - I love to come alongside! - Personal Training Sessions are customized to fit your needs- after initial interview- then we start creating a plan that encompasses a whole- approach that will look at your daily rhythms, habits, health, sleep & come together with a plan of action steps that will support and be custom to you.

- Additional items that one could add to their personal training could be:
-Holistic Nutrition Consulting
-Lifestyle- Coaching
-Soul Care Rhythms
-Touch Therapy- Stretches/and Essential Oils

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