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FREE 20-minute Discovery Call! 
Let's discover your needs, and options that are custom to YOU!  Guidance is provided on optimal macronutrient ratios, micronutrients, nutrient timing, quality food choices, on-the-go eating, and recipes all while maintaining or establishing a healthy relationship to food.
The approach is very integrative focusing on all aspects that affect metabolism which include but are not limited to sleep optimization, toxin reduction, and nervous system regulation.
The goal is to find the best fit for your metabolism and preferences, supporting a lifelong, healthy plan. 

Ready to take your life back?

  • Learn about  how holistic nutrition supports a healthy lifestyle

  • Build confidence to prepare meals, meal prep, and custom to your needs. 

  • Health & wellness - education workshops and home visits!

  • Breath coaching sessions- Private, small group, corporate

  • Essentially oily sessions

  •  Therapeutic touch, assisted stretching & myofascial Release

Coaching Sessions Customized for YOU!

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
– Hippocrates

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Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Coaching

 To learn more about a holistic nutrition journey, custom meal plans,  meal prep, and herbal education & contact me.

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Therapeutic Touch w/Essential Oil Therapy.

 Offering customized solutions for the body's protocol that includes touch therapy and assisted stretch techniques-Essential Oil Application w/heated towels. Learn more or contact for private or shared appointment.


Breathe Sessions

Breath Coaching/private/community

The breath is a tool and gift God has given us! Guiding you as your breath coach & lifetime student of the Breath! Equipping individually & in community.

  •  Learn how the specific breath techniques slow the pace for a lower Heart Rate Variability,

  • Enhance the Immune system, release toxins, and heal the body. 

  •  Learn guided breath techniques that will equip and guide you into a balanced state and transformation!

  • Learn how stress can wreak havoc on the systems but the power of the Vagus nerve and taking action can create change!!

For Private/Shared Or Class Sessions


Private- Personal Training/Coaching

One on One

  • Need accountability?

  • Support on setting goals?

  • Creating healthy habits? - I love to come alongside! - Personal Training Sessions are customized to fit your needs- after initial interview- then we start creating a plan that encompasses a whole- approach that will look at your daily rhythms, habits, health, sleep & come together with a plan of action steps that will support and be custom to you.



- Additional items that are an additional cost that one could add to their personal training could be:
-Holistic Nutrition Consulting
-Lifestyle- Coaching
-Soul Care Rhythms
-Touch Therapy- Stretches/and Essential Oils

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