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March Theme

 in community classes, the intentions have been all about balance in February, challenging and building our balance in the physical exercises, and balance in our daily rhythms, and when we are off balance, coming back to our source. In our source for center as followers of the WAY, we center on Jesus. A practice this month for March in Prayer is Centering Prayer.  Centering Prayer is Simple, and nothing new, a way to connect with Jesus and Be. Come Experience Centering- Body, Mind, & Spirit. 

Centering Prayer- Trusts being with Jesus brings transformation. 

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Prayer by Ted Loder

Guide Me Into An Unclinched Moment

  • Gentle me,
    Holy One,
    into an unclinched moment,
    a deep breath,
    a letting go
    of heavy expectancies,
    of shriveling anxieties,
    of dead certainties,
    that, softened by the silence,
    surrounded by the light,
    and open to the mystery,
    I may be found by wholeness,
    upheld by the unfathomable,
    entranced by the simple,
    and filled with the joy
    that is you.

All Things Breath & Meditation/Reflection


Creatng daily rhythms creates habit - taking time to start your day with meditation is a great day to remind us of who we are, and who God is. Start with one minute to 5 minutes each day. NO phone, No distractions, Go to the quiet place and Breathe. From there maybe guided meditation can be your next step.
Psalm 119


The Next Right Thing Journal assisted me in the hardest year 2020 with many decisions I found I needed to make, Emily assists with questions to ask yourself, and invitations to think and reflect to make the next right decision, I love her wit, and her sharing of faith along the way. It just wouldn't be whole if Jesus weren't a part of that decision making:)
See Emily P. Freeman's Podcasts on Spotify!


It's a choice! Somewhere, somehow we find we can lose our way!  We crave rhythms in our life and we can walk this life in a numbing way, or be in presently in our experiences, I believe God gives us life to experience and to engage! This book is a great reminder how so many can lose their way in this culture. John Eldredge also offers an app called: Pause.

Romans 12:1-2

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