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Private & Semi Private

Transformation can take time and when we push ourselves with unrealistic expectations to change quickly, we rob ourselves of the journey and self-discovery that can be learned from the process of change.



  • Need accountability?

  • Support on setting goals?

  • Creating healthy changes & healthy habits? - I love to partner with others - Personal Training Sessions are customized to fit your needs- after the initial interview- then we start creating a plan that encompasses a whole- approach that will look at your daily rhythms, habits, health, sleep, & nourishment & come together with a plan of action steps that will support and be custom to you.


Additional items that one could add to their personal training could be:
-Holistic Nutrition Consulting
-Lifestyle- Coaching
-Touch Therapy- Stretches/and Essential Oils

-creating a workout plan

  • in-person or virtual personal training-Message Here

  • Small group Sessions



Current Small Group Classes offered

Classes are at  Better Bodies Pilates Lakewood-625 NE Woods Chapel Rd. in Lee's Summit, MO. 


TRX Suspension offers Strength for the core and body, and options for cardio, stretch, and balance! A great way to challenge and cross-train the body! Receive the benefits of a semi-private session, personal attention & opportunities for growth not just in body but in a safe community!

Tuesdays 9:30-10:30 am TRX-2 Flex Spots Open!- Inquire Here

Private Sessions/Shared Sessions Available- Connect Here


Women on Weights/Fusion: 

Empowering & Equipping Class! Each month will be a surrounding workout theme/topic- related to the body, mind and spirit. breath aware techniques follow at end of class. 

Register for your class Below. 

A fusion style class. 

All Levels are Welcome. 

Some weights are provided but you are encouraged to bring your own. 

The 4 Myths about Strength Training for Women

Tuesdays: 8 am- Better Bodies Pilates Register

Thursdays 8:00 am- @Better Bodies Pilates Lakewood- Cliek Here to Register

Barre Power Hour

Wednesdays- 5:30 pm- 50 minutes

A mix of on-the-barre exercises, and off-the-barre, using a fusion of sliders, weights, bands, and balls. Cardio bursts but low-impact- a great way to remodel midweek!

register through Better Bodies Pilates- Register- Meet me at the Barre


20 Minute FREE Discovery Call! 

Many come with different goals they would like to achieve, more information on nutrition, healthy habits, or tools to assist with stress & recovery. I love creating a custom plan to partner with you.  Your "WHY" plays a huge role in in the journey of transformation! If you don't know your "Why" I can assist  in coaching to help you discover that. The holistic approach will help you explore the many areas that will build confidence to make the changes to transform. The Integrated approach- Body, Mind, & Spirit- will assist in making healthy informed decisions! 

Meeting 1x per week to twice a month.

Ask about virtual and in person pricing. 

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