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a little about me.


I aspire to empower, equip and encourage others, in their lifestyle journey.  As an unconventional fitness professional serving many communities for a little over 10 years, I've had the opportunity in creating women's lifestyle groups, private coaching, a partner in wellness retreats, and educational classes for better health, strength & spiritual growth.

Having experienced previous health crisis-conditions, past addictions, disordered eating & a lot of un-happiness with the diet culture -
I welcomed Jesus in my messes – in surrendering, I found
healing, redemption and wisdom that were the missing pieces in the journey. 
Experiencing God's peace & alignment and the results of healing in my physical body led me further to train and study- as a Certified Fit Pro Trainer with ACE, Train in leadership development- Leadership led by Katie Pearson- Now-( Be New Lifestyle)  Certify as a Master Holy Yoga Teacher 500  & then say yes to opening a previous Fitness &
Yoga Studio-Haven Yoga.

Through Breath & Stillness, Holistic
Nutrition, to Moving my body, practicing silence & solitude- I have experienced God in it all!
He keeps teaching me! -So my approach is- we are whole! God
made us whole- the whole
approach- Body, Mind, Soul!

2011- was  the year I became a Personal Trainer and shadowed  many collegues, I soon learned I was an unconventional trainer and life didn't have to be so monitored under the weights and balances of a scale. That food is the fuel & not the enemy and can be enjoyed. Through behavior modification & trust in the healing journey, to educating and certifying-

 I have had the joy of assisting many women and watch them break free! 

 I opened up a small studio in my basement-  

In 2013 I founded a small accountability format called " A Better Me" that was God's idea- incorporating fitness, faith that created transformation for many women!

I love serving women in the ministry of retreats! I have
experienced places in my soul I didn’t know I needed rest and
recovery in, that I needed to tend to my soul care, as well as
physical care.

Hosting a sacred space and partnering with
Jesus has allowed me to share soul care ministry, as well as
teaching the foundations of breath work and movement to
release, restore, recover, and renew!

2022- Certified through AFPA as a Holistic Nutritionist & excited to consult with The 4:8 Lifestyle Team!

Here is to spreading salt & light, Love & Shalom, Destiny
"Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story- those HE
redeemed from the hand of the foe" Psalm 107:2

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