Where do you go from here?

I ask what shall I do with this platform, the website?  I feel I would love to host a monthly newsletter to all of YOU, maybe you want to know what we are up to in the marketplace? A place to be inspired, and reminded of all things on the journey of faith, fitness, & wellness?  Maybe a tip on what is out there based on Christ Centered Yoga, Opportunities to connect in community? 

As some of you are aware the physical space of Haven came to a close of 5 years, and  our virtual yoga studio ended after almost a year of offerings. Haven is a piece we all take with us now, but where does God place us now? My hope is that you didn't leave your practice rolled up in your mat. You unroll and take with you what you learned and live it out in your marketplace.

Maybe we will continue to bump into each other in different ways through an outdoor practice, a seminar or retreat, a video call, or in a store some place:) and continue to stay flexible about all the places we end up, but standing firm Rooted, Centered and Aligned. 

This is just a new beginning. If you want to continue to journey with me, some of the places and spaces I am in and with some of my friends/teachers then stay with this platform. Otherwise feel free to unsubscribe. No worries! Love and Shalom, Destiny


The website is underconstruction with all of the changes! Please keep visiting:)

Dear Friend,

There is a place for you at Haven Yoga. Here at Haven Yoga Studio is a grace-filled atmosphere where you can breathe and just be. You will also be inspired to grow and challenged to thrive here. Through yoga, breath and meditation, we practice spiritual disciplines to Connect with The Creator. We believe in the whole integration of body, heart, mind and soul. That means we connect what we do on the mat with how we live every day.

Haven Yoga is a place where you can receive support and encouragement. We face fears together, while respecting our bodies and trying new things. We laugh and we play. Most of all, we learn how to surrender whatever is holding us back and let God transform us. At Haven Yoga, we allow Christ to be our intention, focus, and meditation. We offer wellness workshops, Private & Semi Private Yoga & Personal Training. This is not your everyday yoga studio. We are different. Come be inspired in a place of freedom. Be all God created you to be. You belong here.


Love, Destiny, Owner of Strive Fitness/Haven Yoga & the Haven Yoga Team


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