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Current Offering 2024: Corporate/Private Workshops/ Women's Ministry Conferences & Breath Wellness Workshops 

Breath wellness workshops. 

Creative workshops to  Educate & Experience the benefits of breathwork, meditation, & mindset. 
Book your Corporate Workshop Ministry Conference, or Private Class.

Contact for Booking & Pricing

Yoga at Home

Wellness Retreats & Private Restorative Classes

Restorative Sessions

A Restorative practice is imperative for the body. mind. and soul. Learn the benefits of being in the restful place. Build immunity & resiliency. Learn about being responsive vs. reactive. Corporate wellness Restoratives or Private Restore sessions offered Contact for booking & pricing.


Coaching & Holistic Nutrition 

Customized nutritional support 

Group or individual coaching

Start with a 20 minutes Free Discovery Call!

Offerings are customizable  are and a  pace that is unique to you. 


Online or in person accountability.

  • One on One Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Nutritional Support/Planning

  • Custom Meal Plans

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